Combat vs Conflict

In this video, our behavior specialist Ken Howard illustrates the six steps of healthy conflict.  If you ever struggle with combat or lack of intimacy in your relationships you know the how bad it feels, but Ken shares how damaging it really is when ‘winning’ is the goal of either party involved in a disagreement.

The video is 10:41 and worth every second.

Healthy Snacking

Healthy Snacking

You probably know that it’s difficult to truly reach your fitness goals with poor nutrition. Unfortunately unexpected hunger can derail the best eating plan, especially when you’re away from home (like at work – where there’s always something bad to eat laying around).

I think this list of healthy snack options has some great options so I’m sharing even though it’s a slideshow with ads. One important point in the article is that protein is an important component of healthy eating since it releases energy over time and helps us feel full longer.

My favorites are:

Kind Bars, Fruit slices or whole wheat crackers with natural nut butter, Dried fruit and nuts, Tortilla chips or fresh vegetable sticks and guacamole

Aaron prefers nature’s fast food; apples, oranges and bananas.

We try to pack snacks whenever we’re on the go so we aren’t tempted to eat junk (it’s just too easy to give into temptation when you’re really hungry).

What healthy snacks do you like to have around to keep you on track?


Inertia of change

Ken Howard is our behavior specialist and an attachment theorist. This is a clip when he and I spoke with with a group of ladies. In this video he speaks on the inertia of change, the clip is 7:34 seconds, very worth your time.


The Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift

About six months ago I became really aware of how little time is left before my children start leaving the nest and I made the decision to savor the opportunities that I still have to spontaneously spend time with them. Since it seemed that my phone was the number one activity that prevented me from experiencing maximum closeness with my family, I decided to begin consciously putting my phone down and sitting with the people that I love whenever I sensed that they were reaching out to me.

Sometimes it’s still difficult for me to stop what I’m doing and give my full attention, but the result has been incredible. In the past few months my two teenagers have become so much more affectionate and open with me. We have spent hours sitting close together talking about all kinds of things and both of them have started approaching me out of the blue to give me a hug or a kiss. At the very time that I was sure they would be pushing me away I feel closer than ever to these awesome people.  (It’s made a difference in my marriage too.)

What do you do to be present with the people that are important to you?