Lost … and found

Lost … and found

The caveat to yesterday’s post is this.

You can eat like a bird and lose weight but if you don’t do some strength training you won’t look your best. Firm muscles look so much better and increased muscle will increase your metabolism which is a great way to keep the weight off!

So, be sure to eat right every day, but don’t forget to MOVE!

Make Your Minutes Matter!

The Awesome Thing

The Awesome Thing

Yesterday I shared about my new diet and my epiphany (yes, I know, it shouldn’t have been that) about sweets.

So, we did that diet for ten days straight. Lots of high quality protein and lots of vegetables. Lots of de-stressing activities. No sugar,  starchy carbs, beans, grains, or dairy. Very little fruit.

It was kind of difficult, although it IS probably how we should eat all of the time.

You know what though? I’ve lost eight pounds (of course Aaron lost, like 12 but we’re not talking about him right now – men lose easier). Five pounds that feel like real weight loss and not just fluctuations and water-weight.

I thought I was doing it right. Turns out nutrition matters!

So do your Minute Movement exercises every day – but make sure to eat right too!

Change Your Mind

Change Your Mind

I have long struggled with my weight. Regardless of how much exercise I do it’s a challenge for me but there are big things coming up for our family so I  really want to see some improvement. So the past two weeks, our family has been on a very strict diet (kind of a sugar detox). We based our eating plan on the 10-Day Detox Diet by Dr Mark Hyman, MD but with a few alterations here and there.

One cool thing with Dr Hyman’s book is the daily reflections and journaling prompts. While I wrote in my journal one of the nights it occurred to me that I was treating junk food and sweets as if they were a necessary part of my diet instead of keeping them in their proper place. So I jotted this in the corner ‘Treat, treats as treats … Not a food group’.

Does anyone else treat treats like a food group?

I won’t anymore!