A Better Way

Busy Lifestyle Leaving You Craving a Minute for Yourself?

Who knew that after forty we’d still be on this endless treadmill of work, family care and a thousand and one commitments? Days fly by and we find ourselves wishing for a minute, just one minute, to do something good for ourselves.

Use Just One Minute – Make Wellness Changes – Improve Your Health

Discovering Minute Movement is the first step in making strides toward efficiency and effective concentration beyond the investment required. Minute by minute, wellness changes take effect, they improve morale, develop self-confidence, and increase good health. Taking just one minute without impeding on work productivity or motivation, you focus on empowering the mind and body to accomplish more than ever before.

In fact, completing each sixty-second activity produces effects that build more energy, stamina, alertness, and clarity of focus than even our developers anticipated would be possible. One minute out of every hour is used to change a sedentary lifestyle, working at a desk, sitting with a laptop, or even while watching TV or playing video games. Set the stage for reducing stress, eliminate sick days, and create effective, positive life changes.

How to Make Radical Life Changes Minute by Minute

Anyone can afford to use one minute to become healthier, develop stronger focus and memory, and become empowered to prepare for success. Whether you are a full-time student with a part-time job, full-time mother trying to juggle too many hats, or an 8-5 pm employee ready to move forward on the job, all you need is that first minute to improve on what you do with the remaining 59 minutes.

We use easy-to-complete sixty-second actions to essentially perform regular re-boots to mind and body functions. This simple process of improving fitness, sharpening mental acuity, and broadening personal potential requires one minute of effort to increase blood flow circulation, oxygenate the brain, release muscle tension and stress.

Improve Back Strength with One Minute Isometrics Daily

People find Isometrics enjoyable, using our one minute approach at your desk at work or in your home sets you on the path to regaining your drive and re-structuring your self-confidence. You’ll see improvement in physically tone and lose weight without the extremes of surgical intervention.

Sitting at your desk for hours at a time can strain your back and distort your posture. Using our revolutionary approach to wellness makes minutes matter.

  • No appointments!
  • No work out clothes!
  • No drive time!

Amaze Yourself – Test Yourself!

Do it at your desk – Do it in your home – Feel Awesome Again!

Learn who you are on the inside. Build on the good stuff you’ve always had inside there. Make the transition from the inside out. Small steps add up to remarkable changes! Challenge yourself – get it done, minute by minute… You deserve a minute!

Ask yourself some tough questions:

  1. Are you at risk for lifestyle diseases?
  2. Will getting into shape resolve some of the problems caused by your sedentary work restrictions?
  3. Do you believe that after 40 – is the critical time to decide for changing mindsets, opening up to new behaviors and healthier lifestyles?
  4. Will you take a minute for yourself to recreate yourself into the picture of wellness you deserve?

How long is one minute?

#1 Reason for not getting enough exercise is – not enough time. Clearly, it does take time, extra effort and even a baby sitter for some women to get out of their homes to go to the gym. After a few visits, discouragement sets in and it’s just not worth all that time, effort and money. Using the Minute Movement Revolution is a radical way to use a short minute span through-out your day to begin the process of taking back your health, energy, flexibility and mental sharpness.

#2 Reason for not getting enough exercise – too tired, no energy to spend on exercise programs when there are dishes and laundry to do and not enough time in the day. Take it a minute at a time, and if you miss a minute, anyone can make up a minute later in the day.

#3 Reason for not getting enough exercise – “I feel too far out of shape to correct my problems!” “I just don’t know where to begin?”

You’d be surprised at how many women feel exactly the way you do. Deep inside you know that investing that one minute to begin is a manageable starting point. As you do this, minute by minute – your energy will return, your attitude will improve and prompt you to keep on going, and the way you feel will inspire you to go on.

Remember – Small changes start the process, it gets easier as you adjust, the transition begins then the rest will take care of itself. The largest step is the one it takes – to get started, from there on, it’s small, manageable steps all the way!

We invite you to join our community of support, encouragement and daily minutes for health and progress because we know you’re worth a minute!