I am an idealist, a maverick, a creator, and an eternal optimist. I am overflowing with hope, passion, and love. I’m a forgetter of passwords, anniversaries, and birthdays; and sometimes have an inappropriate sense of humor. I am focused on making the time that I am blessed with count. 


Born in Kansas City, raised with Midwest, small town values of family, faith, hard work and innovation. From the heart of America, I’ve created a simple one-minute answer for all of our busy, unhealthy lifestyles. Individuals and businesses using my simple Minute Movements are getting fantastic results!

My sister defined life for me, and I carry with me the understanding that it is our choices — the seemingly small and the obviously immense — that create our lives.

I’ve carried that understanding with me as a father, servant and husband. I marvel at the fact that, no matter how different our lives may seem, we all share the same peculiar limit in life – Time.

The difference that sets certain people apart, is in how we each choose to spend   each breath of our time.

Overcoming my challenges has completely convinced me –

anyone can think differently and find solutions! 

My passion is for people to feel GREAT about the skin they’re in. I’m here to serve you and show you what’s possible! I’m committed to being an unstoppable force for good.

I’ve let go of what others think – bringing my authentic self to the world – it’s just me and it’s ALL of me… and I feel FANTASTIC! I want you to let go of those same inhibitions and truly be at peace. 

Won’t you Join me? And “Make your minutes matter.”

You can take your life back!