This weekend, Aaron and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary. At this stage of our lives ‘celebrating our anniversary’ often means carving out an hour or so for a quiet meal and a drive in between activities and this year was no different. Our son, Zak officially became an Eagle Scout today and the last few weeks, particularly the last few days have been marked by frenzied activity.

After all of the festivities ran down and we had a moment to rest, Aaron and I spent that dinner and drive talking about what we want our marriage to look like next year and in the next 18 years. I think it’s important to live intentionally – to continue to keep a finger on the pulse of all aspects of your life. In the past couple of years, we’ve allowed ourselves to ‘get too busy’ to be intentional about some things but I think we’re on the right track now and the conversation is ongoing.

Today wasn’t particularly romantic. But as we sat together, listening to our son give his acceptance speech this afternoon I knew that there was no where I’d rather be and no person I’d rather be living this life with.

Are there aspects of your life that you need to reevaluate? Take a few minutes today and do just that.

Make Your Minutes Matter!

PS – Obviously another thing that needs to change is the fact that we seldom take photos together! This is the only good shot I could find and it was a few years ago – although it’s still a favorite of mine. 🙂 So go take a picture with your honey for goodness sake!