Wake up

Wake up

Wake up my friend! Wake up every fiber, organ, and cell of your body. This is the only life that you get and it is time to get the most out of it. You are an amazing person with purpose there is a reason you are reading these words. What is the legacy that you will leave to the world? Is it a legacy of how much television that you watched, how may video games you played, a legacy of over indulging your senses in an attempt to feel good?

If you are struggling to be happy and fulfilled, it could be because you are only living for yourself.

You need to get outside of yourself, wake up, and go out to serve others. By giving selflessly to others without hope for reward or recognition we will find our true higher self and be in the flow of who we are meant to be.

Make YOUR Minutes Matter

Coach Wright

Change Your Mind

Change Your Mind

I have long struggled with my weight. Regardless of how much exercise I do it’s a challenge for me but there are big things coming up for our family so I  really want to see some improvement. So the past two weeks, our family has been on a very strict diet (kind of a sugar detox). We based our eating plan on the 10-Day Detox Diet by Dr Mark Hyman, MD but with a few alterations here and there.

One cool thing with Dr Hyman’s book is the daily reflections and journaling prompts. While I wrote in my journal one of the nights it occurred to me that I was treating junk food and sweets as if they were a necessary part of my diet instead of keeping them in their proper place. So I jotted this in the corner ‘Treat, treats as treats … Not a food group’.

Does anyone else treat treats like a food group?

I won’t anymore!



Many of you may have seen an article about fitness trainer/blogger Sophie Kay and her three minute before and after fitness photos. As Ms. Kay says in her blog, ‘don’t trust what you see’!

The actual blog post that contained these shocking photos had several other debunked fitness myths that are right up our alley, one of which I blogged about yesterday.

This lady’s philosophies are on fleek as my kiddos say 🙂

(ok, maybe not)

Fitness should be fun – and REAL – Real Fun?

Don’t let anyone trick you or guilt you.

Just keep doing your best and…

Make Your Minutes Matter!


Don’t Hold Back

Author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker Seth Godin is a fascinating, swim against the stream, kind of guy who inspires people to greatness.

Seth once invited an audience to ‘follow my instructions and raise your right hand as high as you can’. Of course everyone raised their right hand. One second later he said, ‘now raise it a little higher.’ And everyone’s right hand got a little higher. Seth said, ‘Hmmm… what’s that about?’ .

All of us do it.

We hold back just a little.

Maybe it’s to protect yourself from running out of energy, or maybe you are afraid that you’ll hurt yourself if you give 100%, maybe you’re worried that someone will laugh at you if you give it your all. Some might say that we’ve been trained to hold back – at least a little. When you hold back you can say, ‘I could have succeeded if…’

It’s important not to hold back while doing your Minute Movements. That’s why we ask you to consciously increase the intensity, giving more effort every fifteen seconds. It never fails, there always seems to be just a little more in me that I can give to that minute – to myself.

Give yourself the gift of honest effort.

Make your minutes matter!

New Beginnings

New Beginnings

Last week I asked what you like most about spring. The thing that I enjoy the most about spring is watching the plants and flowers emerge. I can’t get a decent lawn to grow in my yard so I’ve resorted to lots of flower and vegetable beds instead. Sometimes I forget what I’ve planted in various places so every spring I walk around my yard giddy with the  excitement of greeting long lost friends.   I think what I really like best about spring is that it’s a time of new beginnings and possibility. Somehow in the spring I feel like there’s still plenty of time to get everything done that I want to do this year, that I can accomplish anything. No more dark dreary winter days cooped up in the office, now I can exercise more, experience the sun on my skin, and play in the dirt!

White peonies are one of my favorite flowers and I received several plants from my grandmother’s garden shortly before she passed away. Last spring the plants came up and they were beautiful and full – but there wasn’t one single flower on those bushes. Now, I know from experience that it can take a couple of years for a plant to bloom after they’ve been planted so I wasn’t terribly concerned. But this year, as I watch the little shoots pushing out of the dirt again I became curious WHY the flowers take so long to grace my garden. Flowers require a large amount of energy from a plant and new plants will often conserve that energy in order to develop a strong root system during the first year or so of growth.

But it’s not just in my garden that I find myself a little impatient for the beauty of obvious growth. I anxiously tap my foot looking for the flowers, the results, all too often and in all areas of my life.

I know that I’m doing the work. There are green leaves everywhere. But I have to wait for the beautiful blossoms of success. And waiting can seem unbearable sometimes.

I start wondering. Did I plant a dud (is this the wrong diet)? Is my ground fertile enough (do I need more supplements)? Is there enough sun – or shade (should I exercise more or do I need more sleep)? Did I forget to water my plant enough (how many glasses did I drink today)? Those questions are important  because sometimes the conditions aren’t optimal for growth. Maybe you need to tweak your diet a little bit, maybe you need to get more sleep, or drink some water, maybe you need to stop eating after the kids go to bed. Maybe you need to push yourself a little more when you do a Minute Movement. Whatever it is, if  there is something that you know you need then choose to take action now. You don’t have to wait until January to make adjustments to your life.

What if you really are doing everything right?

Then that’s when you have to be careful not to lose heart. Don’t dig up your plant and throw it in the compost heap. It’s those times while the plant (or the program) is working – while we are working – to create something beautiful that we have to have patience and faith that the changes will come and that they will be amazing.

Make your minutes matter!