Do you feel like giving up?

Do you feel like giving up?






I ran across this article last month and I just can not stop thinking about this absolutely amazing man. Paul Alexander was completely paralyzed and confined to an iron lung due to complications from polio when he was six years old.  The very fact that he lived at all is a miracle in and of itself but, with the love and support of his family and through his own determination, Mr. Alexander received a law degree and established a private practice.

Even better? Mr. Alexander has taught himself how to breathe on his own for short periods of time (usually when he’s in the courtroom).

Check out this beautiful story (it’s long but worth the read).


Stuck in a box?

Stuck in a box?

Change can be scary.


Change requires that we look at ourselves, our patterns, our decisions and honestly assess which are healthy and which are unhealthy. Which patterns we need to scrap, and which need to be developed more.


That might mean that we have to humble ourselves, admit ‘the way I’ve been doing it all along is not , in fact the BEST way to do it – maybe its even the worse way to do it’.

Boy, that really drags up some ugly stuff doesn’t it?

What if the way you’ve been doing something your whole life were completely sabotaging your goals and dreams? Would you be able to give up being right to do the right thing?

In order to avoid being wrong, many of us simply refuse to look very deeply at our behaviors. Maybe we have the ideal person in our heads (the person who hits the gym three- no FIVE times each and every week, who always chooses the salad over the burger, the person who makes good interrelational choices, who’s always there for their friends, who never skips church …), every now and then we might catch ourselves comparing the reality with the ideal but then we feel too confronted, too disappointed in ourselves, so we duck our heads back in the box and go back to pretending that everything is going great in our lives.

But pretending doesn’t make it so.

If you aren’t absolutely satisfied with your life today, if you find yourself feeling sad or discontented or frustrated it might be time to sit quietly with yourself and examine the choices and actions that you are really making.

My family and I recently watched ‘The Truman Show’, a movie about a man who had lived his entire life in a television studio, in which all of his interactions were actually contrived by the producer without his knowledge. Truman knew something was off about his life, he just couldn’t put his finger on it – and despite strong efforts on the part of the producer and actors who made up his life to the contrary Truman was motivated to figure it out (also to track down the girl who got away…). There came a point when he finally stumbled upon the truth – he came to the end of studio – what appeared to be an endless horizon was really a wall. The wall of the box that he’d spent his entire life confined to. The producer tried to convince Truman to stay, that life was safe there in the studio, that people were counting on him not to mess with the status quo. Truman had a choice. He had no idea what was in his future, he had never had a real relationship (except for that girl). He took a chance.

Maybe you’re living in a box too. It could be any number or things but let’s say it’s your health. Whether you used to be able to eat whatever you wanted and never had to exercise and this middle-aged weight is a surprise to you and has left you feeling confused or you weren’t ever even able to run a mile in gym class no matter how hard you tried. Maybe you think ‘this is just the way it is’ because you’ve never known anything different. Are you where you really want to be? Are you willing to consider the possibility that things don’t have to be this way, that you actually can lift the curtain, step out of the box and be – really BE the person that you want to be.

A little step is all it takes.


Make your minutes matter.



Photo credit ‘The Truman Show’ 1998
One Minute For Yourself

One Minute For Yourself


The past couple of days I’ve been exploring the impact of which activities we choose to spend our time pursuing on effectiveness. Now I’m gonna put on my Minute Movement hat.



Personally (and I’m sure for a lot of you can relate) when I feel overwhelmed one of the first things that I give up  is exercise. When I stop being intentional about living healthfully I find myself caught in internet rabbit-holes, watching more television, and eating too much (especially snacking on high carb garbage late at night when I should just go to bed). Those indiscretions make  my energy drop and I get less done and before I know it I’m stuck in a vicious cycle of ineffectiveness (yet again).

When Aaron first came up with the concept of Minute Movement I wasn’t exactly a willing participant. Even though I could see that his shape was changing drastically while he still got to sleep in and get things done, I felt that I was too busy to interrupt MY tasks every hour to exercise. I insisted that my way of doing things was to put on my blinders and focus completely on one task until I was finished and that even one minute’s deviation would drastically damage my effectiveness. Don’t even get me started on how many times I told Aaron that I would NOT stop in the middle of the grocery store to do one minute of squats (seriously, sometimes I don’t know how he puts up with me). Every time my timer sounded I’d simply dismiss it with mounting irritation.

Then one day Aaron and I were running errands together and his timer sounded (I’d deactivated mine by that point) and Aaron invited me to take one minute for myself.

A minute for myself.


Could I DO that?

what if I did that?

So I did the exercise with him, sitting in the car, before we ran into our next appointment (envisioning a mini beach vacation for some reason). And from that point on I looked at Minute Movement differently. Instead of piling it with all of the other things that I should do (but didn’t) I could just do this one thing little to improve my life  (well, two things actually, one was opening my mind a little bit).

If you don’t actually do your movements – that’s okay (I hope you start doing them at some point but it’s okay today) but please take care of yourself. Walk around the block, play with the kids, take the stairs, whatever it takes to move your body.

Doing that one vital thing will change your life.


Make Your Minutes Matter!

What is your passion

What is your passion

Do you have a passion that drives you or do you find it difficult to identify the deep forces that motivate you?

I’ve struggled with being aware of my passions from time to time and have even lived parts of my life unaware of why I do what I do. I thought I would share some of the questions that I use to help me that become aware of my passions.

Examine yourself:

What brings you deep joy?

What do you spend your time doing that brings you peace?

What is important to you?

What would you do if you only had one day to live?

When you were young what did you enjoy doing with your time?

What makes you laugh?

If you remove what you think you should be doing, now what would you be doing?

When you find your passion you will discover abundant energy, clarity, joy, and motivation.  When you operate from a place of passion, you will be more present with yourself and equally important, you will be more present for others.

One Thing

One Thing

What is one small thing that you can do this week that could make a profound impact – either on your life, someone you love, or something you believe in?

You probably know by now that I believe that micro decisions create Macro Results and as I think about that today, I think I want to focus on something this week that will make a difference in the life of those around me. This week I will focus on listening better – as I go through my day, talking with people; I want to listen to them on a deeper level and really connect with them better than I ever have before.

So what is one small thing that you can do this week? What’s that one thing you’ve been putting off that would really make a difference? Maybe it’s getting up five minutes earlier and making coffee for your spouse, maybe it’s writing a letter to a loved one that you haven’t talked to in awhile. I encourage you to ask yourself, ‘What is that one thing?’ – and then do it .

Post your one thing on our Facebook page so the Minute Mover community can stand with you .

Make your minutes matter.