Minute Movement and Aaron Wright have given me a new lease on life.

I no longer feel stuck

I find that it is very doable for anyone at any age.


Minute Movement helped me quit smoking. During my smoking days I would go outside every hour for a smoke. Switching to the Minute Movement techniques in place of going outside to smoke allowed me to develop a healthy habit in place of a deadly one.

Leslie Strickland

Minute Movement breaks the barriers of wellness better than anything I’ve ever seen.
Dr Stephen Hendler

MD, PartnersRehab

“I was definitely surprised at how effectively minute movement engaged my body and refreshed my mind. This system is a great way to stay focused and physically active through the work day. I can’t wait to do more!”

Blakely Page

Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist

Join the movement!

My balance is greatly increased, Now I can stand on one leg without needing support.

Mary Jo

My anxiety level is really low now…. Try it and you’ll love it.


I was shocked at first, I didn’t realize it would create that much energy within me.


I was kind of shocked …. It amazed me!


If I can do it – anybody can do it!


I’m really happy losing inches and body fat… I definitely recommend it.


What Minute Movers Are Saying

“I’ve finally found something that works in my busy life. I feel better, safer and all round look better. I heard about this at work and have only been doing the Minute Movement for a few months and my strength increase has been significant. My lower back pain is almost all gone. Thank you Mr. Wright”
Betty T

Not only are my energy and happiness through the roof. I’ve been able to leverage the method to help me lose weight and I’ve also been able to quit smoking. My life has taken such a positive turn. I see myself sticking to this program.
Janet R

“My doctor said that I needed to get more exercise in my day. So I found the Minute Movement online and what a blessing it has been. I feel like everyone can give just a minute of time for their health. I’ve tried every diet and program out there, Minute Movement is the only one I’ve been able to stick too.
William B