Is your team too busy to be healthy?

The increasing pace of the 21st century in the United States has created a serious problem. As more and more jobs are regulated to a desk and a screen; far too many people are finding that they hardly move their bodies at all during the course of the day. According to the CDC, close to 70% of Americans are overweight and 30% are obese. This translates into higher health and insurance costs and lowered productivity in the workplace.

You want a productive team and it’s no secret that good health helps keep us productive – that’s why so many corporations offer a wellness program. Unfortunately, many corporate wellness programs encourage employees to ‘exercise more’ in a way that is vague or not sustainable with a corporate lifestyle. Asking employees to take time to exercise outside of work hours is asking them to spend even more time away from friends and family but offering a class during work hours can cause issues with personal grooming and work productivity.

Minute Movement is the Perfect solution.

This simple, patent-pending method approaches fitness with the mindset that the small decisions you make from minute to minute have a huge impact on your life (micro decisions = MACRO RESULTS). This program systematically packs effective exercises in a non-traditional method that works with a very short investment of time. With it’s unique blend of isometric, isotonic. and stretching exercises; Minute Movement is highly customizable regardless of age, fitness level or schedule and it can be done alone in a cubicle or in the midst of a training seminar consisting of thousands of participants. In addition to the benefits you expect with any exercise regime – like lost inches and lower blood pressure, cholesterol, and glucose levels*; Minute Movement also boosts energy, lifts your mood and increases productivity. **

Best of All Minute Movement won’t overburden your HR Department.

We help with onboarding, training, and best practices for management and Minute Movement provides the inspiration and coaching to each individual so you don’t have to! Our short, daily emails go directly to each Minute Mover to teach and encourage them to be responsible for their health transformation.

We love the energy that Minute Movement brings to our people. We’ve seen attendance and production go up by 26% while lowering our health care cost.

C. Corley

Owner AMG SErvices

Minute Movement changes lives!

Greg Justice

MA, CPT, Owner 30 years of Corporate Wellness, AYC

We show your team how to maximize their minutes for optimal health.


Minute Movement breaks the barriers of wellness better than anything I’ve ever seen.

Dr. Steven Hendler

MD, PartnersRehab

Minute Movement helped me quit smoking. During my smoking days I would go outside every hour for a smoke. Switching to the Minute Movement techniques in place of going outside to smoke allowed me to develop a healthy habit in place of a deadly one.

L. Strickland

Operations, Bank of America

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* University of Scranton Study

** Independent study – health, Sport and Exercise Sciences  Department KU, Lawrence campus