Author, entrepreneur, marketer, and public speaker Seth Godin is a fascinating, swim against the stream, kind of guy who inspires people to greatness.

Seth once invited an audience to ‘follow my instructions and raise your right hand as high as you can’. Of course everyone raised their right hand. One second later he said, ‘now raise it a little higher.’ And everyone’s right hand got a little higher. Seth said, ‘Hmmm… what’s that about?’ .

All of us do it.

We hold back just a little.

Maybe it’s to protect yourself from running out of energy, or maybe you are afraid that you’ll hurt yourself if you give 100%, maybe you’re worried that someone will laugh at you if you give it your all. Some might say that we’ve been trained to hold back – at least a little. When you hold back you can say, ‘I could have succeeded if…’

It’s important not to hold back while doing your Minute Movements. That’s why we ask you to consciously increase the intensity, giving more effort every fifteen seconds. It never fails, there always seems to be just a little more in me that I can give to that minute – to myself.

Give yourself the gift of honest effort.

Make your minutes matter!