Frequently Asked Questions

What is Minute Movement?
Minute Movement is a revolutionary way to ‘DO’ fitness. We’ve taken exercises that you may be familiar with and made them workable with your busy lifestyle. The Minute Movement program is one minute of movement (exercise) at the top of every hour throughout your day – wherever you are. Our daily emails will support your transformation; reminding you just how valuable and beautiful you are in an informative and FUN format and tools will help you keep track of your progress. This awesome method was specifically designed to engage, educate and motivate you to make lasting changes – one minute at at time.
How does it work?

You will set reminders at evenly spaced intervals throughout your day each weekday and receive daily emails with links to the exercises for that day (a stretching, isometric, and isotonic option). When your alarm sounds, you just do one of the exercises for one minute and move on with your day.

Should I consult a physician before starting the Minute Movement
You should absolutely consult a physician before starting any exercise program. The Minute Movement is designed to be adaptable according to your ability – if you have any concerns, please consult with your doctor.
How much does Minute Movement cost?
The Minute Movement program starts at just $14 a month (with discounts when you join for longer periods of time).
What do I get when I join the Minute Movement?
When you sign up for the Minute Movement program, you will receive access to our full website where you will find videos explaining how the program works and guiding you through each Minute Movement exercise. You will also begin receiving a short daily email with everything you need to know to do your exercises for that day as well as motivational messages to keep you going strong.
What does 'Snooze until you Do' mean?
‘Snooze until You Do’ simply means that you should snooze your alarm clock until you ‘DO’ your planned Minute Movement exercise. This is a hard and fast rule of the Minute Movement program. We all get caught off guard by our timers or get distracted after dismissing them, so this is the best way to make sure your get your minute in.
What if I miss a Minute Movement work out, can I make it up?
If you miss a movement, you can absolutely make it up, however it’s best to stick to your schedule because it’s important to leave the time between movements for maximum results. However, some movement is always better than no movement. If you had to consolidate all of your daily exercises into a short stint that would be better than missing all of the movements.
What if I work odd hours or can’t do the movement when my timer sounds?
The Minute Movement program was created to work with your busy lifestyle, so if you have a nontraditional work schedule, just schedule your Minute Movements when it works best for you. If you absolutely can’t do your movement when your alarm sounds, we recommend that you ‘Snooze Until You Do’.
What should I do if I feel out of breath while exercising?
STOP! Regardless of your fitness level, you should have this symptom evaluated by a medical professional as soon as possible.
What if I am not in optimal health (arthritis, back problems, injury, physical limitations) or haven’t worked out in years?
Again, we recommend consulting with your doctor before starting any exercise program but once you have the green light from your physician Minute Movement may be perfect for you. The program is designed so that you can work at your level while increasing your strength and there are many modifications available for you.
Can I do the MInute movement during pregnancy?
Absolutely – unless prescribed bed rest, getting the oxygenation to your baby is the most important thing you could be doing – You may need to modify some of the movements.
Do I need equipment?
The only equipment you really need for the Minute Movement program is a timer, access to the internet, and a towel.
What if I already work out at the gym?
There is quite a bit of interesting data coming out recently that indicates that even if you work out at the gym every day you could be harming your health by sitting at your desk at work the rest of the day. Minute Movement helps keep your metabolism running high and keeps you from sitting around all day, using your ‘I worked out today’ pass.
How do I know which exercises to use?
We will send an email to you each day with links to videos with three exercises for that day (one stretching, one isotonic and one isometric). All you have to do is pick an exercise to do when your timer sounds and Make Your Minute Matter!
How do I know if I’ve finished Minute Movement program?
Minute Movement is created as a sustainable lifestyle program. Taking care of yourself really isn’t something that you really ‘finish’ – and because the program is adaptable to your unique abilities you should be able to do the Minute Movement program as long as you like.
Why do you ask me to take photos and measurements?
Due to factors like water retention and gained muscle, the number on your scale isn’t always the best way to determine if an exercise program is working for you. In addition to how you feel and how your clothes fit, your photos and measurements provide you with clear, visual documentation of your progress – which is always good.
What does md=MR mean?
We believe that each small (micro) decision (and action) that you make compiles resulting in your ultimate, large scale (Macro) results. So, each time you choose to get up, out of your chair and give 100% to your 60-second exercise you are making a move toward a healthier, more fit, future you
Is Minute Movement available in other languages?
At this time Minute Movement is only available in English, if you are interested in helping us translate the program please visit our contact page we’d love to hear from you.
Can I really change my life one minute at a time?
Yes you can.