The Day My Son Gave Up on Me is a fantastic (and kind of heart wrenching) example of why we say ‘Make Your Minutes Matter’ by blogger Lauren Cormier who shares her heart with us as she recounts the night that her son said ‘Mommy was always grumpy when I’d call her to come back up to cuddle, so I stopped asking.’ I am so impressed that little Eli was willing and able to express his feelings and that the author immediately realized their true impact. I can’t tell you how grateful I am that she was willing to share her story (reality check).

‘Cuddle Time’ used to be a pretty big deal around my house too and I’ve let myself get too distracted and busy to take that special time with my children in the past couple of years. And I think it really has been YEARS since it was a nightly event – which is probably a bigger deal for my daughter, who’s younger and still interested in that time with me.

I really believe that the little things – especially the little kindnesses – make such a huge difference. I don’t ever want the people in my life to think that laundry or Facebook – or really anything in the entire world – is more important to me than they are. I have to constantly be reminded to live mindfully  – in what I eat, in how I care for my body, and in how I treat my loved ones.

I don’t ever want anyone to give up on me, not even myself.

Make Your Minutes Matter