Today I’m sharing the inspirational story of Caitliy Mannherz, who lost close to 145 lbs over the course of four years – and gained herself.

Caitlyn’s story covers her journey from a super busy childhood home, lacking the knowledge necessary for developing healthy habits, hurtful experiences that weakened her self-esteem, lifelong attempts at weight loss, and the inspiration to take charge of her own life, culminating in becoming an inspirational leader for others struggling with their health.  I love that Caitlyn’s story focuses on taking a practical, sustainable path toward health, heavily dependant on knowledge and gratitude.

“It’s gratitude that begets fulfillment, not consumption.” – Caitlyn Mannherz

AT the beginning of the article Caitlyn shares four tips for shedding weight:

  1. Eat close to the ground (real food).
  2. When you’re eating out, ask your server to help you make your meal healthier.
  4. Forgive yourself and if you do ‘cheat’ savor every single bite.

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