You probably know that it’s difficult to truly reach your fitness goals with poor nutrition. Unfortunately unexpected hunger can derail the best eating plan, especially when you’re away from home (like at work – where there’s always something bad to eat laying around).

I think this list of healthy snack options has some great options so I’m sharing even though it’s a slideshow with ads. One important point in the article is that protein is an important component of healthy eating since it releases energy over time and helps us feel full longer.

My favorites are:

Kind Bars, Fruit slices or whole wheat crackers with natural nut butter, Dried fruit and nuts, Tortilla chips or fresh vegetable sticks and guacamole

Aaron prefers nature’s fast food; apples, oranges and bananas.

We try to pack snacks whenever we’re on the go so we aren’t tempted to eat junk (it’s just too easy to give into temptation when you’re really hungry).

What healthy snacks do you like to have around to keep you on track?