I’m so happy that you’ve decided to see how one minute can change your life with the Minute Movement program! Minute Movement was designed to be very simple so that you can spend your time getting fit instead of planning and researching.

Step one: Set alarms or timers to remind you to complete your exercises.

We recommend setting your timer for every hour after you arrive at work (Monday through Friday). So for people who work a typical eight to five job, you’ll set your timer for 9, 10, 11, noon, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 – once you do your five o’clock movement, you’ll pack up and go home. If you have a different schedule just make the necessary adjustments. One of our awesome Minute Movers mentioned to me that she always has something going on at the top of the hour, so she sets her timer to 15 minutes past each hour instead and that helps her stay stress-free (keep an eye out for other timer suggestions coming soon).

Step two: Take a look at the exercises for today.

Each day we’ll send an email with three exercises for that day’s body part. The Peaceful exercise will be more of a stretching style and is perfect if you’re a little sore or not feeling very strong that day. Focused exercises are isometric, which means that you push against your own body weight or a sturdy object with no joint movement. And Energized movements are a little more challenging. Of course with any of the exercises, you should only do what feels right for you, push yourself but don’t hurt yourself.

Step Three: Jump right in!

We’ve done all of the planning for you. So, each time your timer sounds, all you have to do is be willing to give yourself the gift of one minute. – You deserve it. *If you are ever in the middle of something and just can’t be interrupted, simply snooze your alarm and save that exercise for the next time it sounds.Don’t dismiss that alarm though – we’ve found that you’re more likely to skip the movement altogether if you do that. That’s why we say ‘Snooze Until You Do’.


One last thing. We also recommend that you do a self test when you begin the Minute Movement program (and every month or so as you continue with the program) in order to evaluate your progress. Members can find downloadable worksheets as well as assessments that are then compiled to track your progress on the Member page.