Lead your mind the body will follow

Train your subconscious mind in the ways you choose it to be.

Scientifically engineered minute meditations will lead and guide you to be the person you have chosen yourself to be. Receive everything you want out of life and follow your heart.

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These meditation help me throughout the day, reminding me of who I’ve chosen to be.

My life is better when I do my Minute Meditation everyday
Bill S

When I’m having a rough day I find these meditations to be the perfect fix to get me back on track.


This images represents your brain waves getting insinc after binary meditation, as you can see with the color representation that you mind becomes more intune and balanced ready for your day.

Make Your Minutes Matter

Aaron Wright teamed up with sound engineer Eric Bernard to take meditation to a whole new level. Taking eastern and western technologies in behavior, sound, meditation, and physical states of being engineering them to maximize effectiveness and minimizing time.