My mid-life crisis was one of the best things that ever happened to me!


How I got my health back on track after my mid-life crisis.


If you’re like I was,  you believe that sweating it out at the gym and starving yourself is the only way to live life with health and vitality. Constantly frustrated with yourself trying to figure out how to lose weight and feel good again.


But what if everything we have been taught about self-discipline and hard work was wrong?


Here’s a short story about how “working harder” failed me and the amazing results I saw and felt by trying a “better way


Most adults hit a point in their life when the body can no longer be pushed or pulled anymore and they start on a downward spiral of weight gain, increasing unhappiness, and finally apathy towards life. All passions seem lost and the old way of doing things simply stops working.


My name is Aaron Wright and this is my story about how I was finally able to take control of my health in a simple, systematic, sustainable way.


My own crisis came six years ago when I got a call.


It was my little brother, asking me to be his best man at his wedding.


Emotions overwhelmed me: I was excited for him, but mostly nervous. I knew that I would see people that I hadn’t seen in several years. I was no longer the man I was. In my mid-20’s, vibrant, confident, and optimistic about the future; I was excited to be alive.


At the time of my brother’s invitation, I was feeling hopeless and how I felt on the inside was becoming evident on the outside.


At that point, I was working in an office for someone else after a decade of self-employment with my own mortgage company.  I had two kids, a stay at home wife, one dog, three cats, car loans, house loans, and a pile of debt after the forced closure of my company.


I was scared, stressed out, and felt like my life was out of control. I was at a breaking point.


I would wake up early Monday morning push myself out of bed go to the gym then go to work for 10 -12 hours to make ends meet, all while making terrible food choices.


And things didn’t get better. I wasn’t feeling any better from using the conventional approaches of going to the gym, dieting, and my health was deteriorating at an alarming rate.


And then as if things couldn’t get any worse, my income was cut by 50%! The bills kept piling up and notices kept coming.


With all my best intentions every Monday, I felt like a zombie on Tuesday. I might be able to make it to the gym the second day but, by the time Wednesday came around, I was completely exhausted for the rest of the week, needing extra rest for the next several days.

I also continued to make terrible food choices.


Each day left me absolutely depleted and DRAINED.


And worse of all I was neglecting my family. Sure, I was physically there – but, mentally, I had nothing left to give.


I had lost hope. I thought I would suffer like this for the rest of my life.


Then it hit me…


What if I tried a different approach?


What if, instead of trying to add more to my life, I worked within the confines of current circumstances and resources?


What if I could reconstruct my life so that nothing was lost: loving moments with my family, productive, meaningful work, vibrant health.


What if I could regain my youthful energy and sanity back?


Could I truly have it all?


The big problem was I was overwhelmed with all the details. I couldn’t find a way out of the chaos. So many plates spinning in the air make for a hectic life!


I needed something simple, systematic and I needed something sustainable – a technique that I could squeeze into a hyper-busy day.


I knew I couldn’t just attack it with sheer willpower, it had to be something that flowed in my life. I had already given up on sheer willpower which didn’t work.


If I could reverse engineer everything and break it down to the ridiculously simple, I just might be able to find a solution.

But I was willing to try again so I adopted the formula for my life, micro decisions = MACRO RESULTS (md=MR). I was willing to give it my all.


So I decided to take on everything that was important to me my family, my finances, and my health. I knew that if I could get my head straight and my body healthy again everything would start to fall in line.


Because I knew if  I didn’t figure out how to take care of me then all would suffer.


I drew on my past experiences in martial arts, yoga, weight training and meditation.


I dove into the scientific research. From the power of gratitude to the science of movement to all aspects of health and nutrition. I learned everything I could about living healthy and happy.


I decided the first step was to focus on a few key areas.


My gut feeling was that if I just begin with a baby step then the next steps would come.


I wasn’t willing to stay with the status quo anymore, I was willing to take a chance.


Click below and I’ll show you how making small changes in your life can help you finally be healthy and look and feel your best without ehausting yourself.


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