My migraines are in full force this week and I am in complete survival mode. That means taking care of myself, getting a LOT of sleep, and cutting my tasks list to the bare necessities. It doesn’t help that this is also one of the three busiest times of the year (Christmas-time and late spring wrap up that tricky trinity). So I can’t stop thinking about ways to be more efficient (and less crazy)!

So this week, just in case any other Minute Movers are feeling overwhelmed I will share a few articles that I’ve recently found helpful; the first of which is  by Christy Wright (speaker, writer, and coach whose articles I often find via Dave Ramsey’s Facebook page). In ‘Do Less to Live More’, Christy addresses the harmful nature of hurrying and why we should instead appreciate and USE any pockets of free time that occur in our schedule – as free time. Be sure to read her article, it’s great. I’ve been taking her advice and feeling so much more relaxed because of it!

What about you? Do you try to cram one more thing into every window of opportunity, or do you take a minute to regroup when you find yourself with a little free time?