Since Minute Movement headquarters is in Kansas City (and many of our early members are also from Kansas City) I thought we’d go with a Royals / World Series related post today.

With five games scheduled for the next week, I anticipate that a lot of Minute Movers will be sitting around – a lot! Sitting isn’t only bad for you during work hours, it’s always a good idea to move around a little bit.

So, let’s play a game – while we watch a game. Okay?

I found this drinking game (stay with me here) highlighting the World Series and it looks like fun. But,since we’re a health program – instead of drinking every time (for example) Lorde’s “Royals” is mentioned / played during the telecast, we’d like for you to do your favorite Minute Movement exercise for 15 seconds. And when the game recommends that you ‘shotgun a whole beer’, do an entire (one minute) Minute Movement.

If you send us a video of your Minute Movement World Series game we’ll enter you into a drawing for a free Minute Movement t-shirt (double entries for videos of Minute Movements AT a game!)

Let’s go Royals!