How to do minute movement

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Moving your body actually increases energy and this patent pending method of short bursts of movement throughout the day will keep your metabolism going strong – without leaving you sweaty. You will feel better than ever before.

Look and feel better – in just one minute  – without going to the gym, changing your diet or spending tons of money.

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  • Daily Coaching – Part inspiration, part education, part gently nudge to get moving for your health, the daily emails give you everything you need to get moving throughout the day.
  • Daily  Exercises – Simple 1-minute exercises that you can do anywhere, without equipment or a change of clothes that aim to get your heart pumping and blood flowing while clearing your mind and enjoying the natural high you get from working out.
  • Tracking – This interactive tool will help you measure the results you achieve for your mind, body and spirit, after just five weeks in the program.
  • Accountability Tools – Stay in the game with the support of our customer service team and other Movers in our online community.
  • Knowledge Bank – Find helpful training and resource videos on our website, visible online or on your mobile phone if you’re on-the-go.
  • Daily Motivation – Daily reminders that you are not alone, that you can do this and that you deserve to live a healthier, happier life with more energy, confidence and fun.

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