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Minute Movement® is a revolutionary way to ‘DO’ fitness. This simple, patent-pending method approaches fitness with the mindset that the small decisions you make from minute to minute have a huge impact on your life (micro decisions = MACRO RESULTS). This program systematically packs effective exercises in a non-traditional method that works with a very short investment of time. With it’s unique blend of isometric, isotonic and stretching exercises, Minute Movement is highly customizable regardless of age, fitness level, or schedule and it can be done anywhere – at any time. When you do the Minute Movement® program you’ll find yourself becoming more mindful of how every choice you make affects your overall health. That minute doesn’t just reboot your metabolism, it reboots your MIND. You’ll become more aware of the passing  time, you’ll start re-thinking that 3 o’clock candy bar, and find yourself choosing to park farther away, to take the stairs, to love yourself enough to make good choices in every aspect of your life. Our member emails will support your transformation; reminding you just how valuable and beautiful you are in an informative and FUN format and our web tools will help you keep track of your progress. This awesome method was specifically designed to engage, educate and motivate you to make lasting changes – one minute at a time.

md = MR™

Micro decisions create macro results. Minute Movement® is based on the fundamental truth that making positive decisions throughout the day can greatly influence every aspect of your life.

Clarity • Desire • Consistency

Everything that we do starts with desire. Getting clear on how you want to feel allows you to determine what actions you need to take right now and motivates you to keep going. Once you begin taking those actions with consistency you’ll start getting results.


Minute Movement® is more than a fitness system. It is a true movement committed to changing the way we think about health. Our community is there to celebrate and support you on your journey to optimal health.
“As a society as a whole we are too idle.  Many people struggle with making time or fitting a workout in on a daily basis.  Aaron and Minute Movement have put together a simple yet EFFECTIVE model to get your heart rate up, improve focus and reset your self numerous times throughout the day.  As a Triathlete I find the isometric workouts multiple time throughout the day are immensely beneficial and filling in a gap that is often lacking in triathlete training.  Thanks Aaron for a wonderful program and we will be incorporating this into our office.”
Dr. Corey Priest

Functional Medicine, In2Great

“I was definitely surprised at how effectively minute movement engaged my body and refreshed my mind. This system is a great way to stay focused and physically active through the work day. I can’t wait to do more!”
Blakely Page

Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist

Why don’t people exercise?
  • I’m too busy 65.2% 65.2%
  • It’s too expensive 18.3% 18.3%
  • I don’t know what to do 4.7% 4.7%
  • I don’t have the energy 11.8% 11.8%

Minute Movement® will inspire you to improve all areas of your life.

Join the movement!

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