I won’t normally share links to slideshows since they usually don’t keep my attention long enough for me to finish them. But I did finish this one (because I’m ALWAYS looking for ways to save time) and there were a couple of great tips that I hadn’t heard. So, since Minute Movement is all about helping you find ways to get more accomplished in less time. I thought I’d share. The list includes ideas for keeping paper clutter under control, and deciding which clothes to pass on to your favorite charity.

I was especially interested in number 16, which says ‘always load the dishwasher in an organized way. So instead of throwing all of the silverware into the utensil box, put the forks in one area, the spoons in another, and the knives in another, and then  when you’re unloading you just grab all the spoons and put them in the drawer’. I LOVE it – now I just need to get the family on board!

Some people reject organization as being too restrictive but I’ve found that being organized as much as possible actually gives me more space and time to have fun and be spontaneous (or go for a walk). Did you see anything in this list that you might want to try or was it missing something big? Let us know on our Facebook page!

Make Your Minutes Matter!