Last week Coach Wright and I took our little family on a road trip, mostly to tour a couple of schools that our oldest is interested in (gasp – I can’t believe he’ll be off to college next fall).

Despite being on a fabulous fitness and nutrition streak prior to our departure, those nine days were a vacation from EVERYTHING. Other than setting up posts to ensure that our followers wouldn’t feel like they were being neglected, we almost completely unplugged and let the vacation vibe take over.

It was wonderful!

But hours in the car, no kitchen, and late nights driving or bingeing on the Food network (my poor cable impaired foodies love those shows) means that our fitness, nutrition, and sleep were horribly neglected. Fortunately campus tours and sightseeing DID allow us to ‘get our steps’ (and then some) several days but at one point Aaron mentioned our bad choices and this is what we came up with.

We rarely take time off to travel and we make mostly good health choices during the course of our regular lives so this one week out of probably 100 (we hardly ever travel) really isn’t going to impact our health all that much.

So we enjoyed ourselves and each other. We completely relaxed and de-stressed.

And it was GREAT.

Lots of fitness programs can leave you feeling like you have to be super-human and perfect in order to be healthy. The reality is that doing your best, most of the time is probably sufficient – maybe not to win a triathlon or to compete in a bodybuilding competition – but it’s certainly enough to help you look and feel good. And that’s all most of us are looking for.

Now I need to make a grocery store run before I resort to a mustard sandwich for dinner tonight!

So, take a break if you need to and then jump back in to

Make Your Minutes Matter!