Strive for progress, not perfection.



I’ve had a lot to say this week about making sure that you’re doing some (really, any) exercise instead of getting caught up in the attempt to follow a perfect regimen. In some ways I’ve been sharing what I needed to hear most.

I’m an absolute perfectionist and that often leaves me stuck, waiting until I can do something ‘the right way’. Aaron isn’t the only one on the team who was frustrated with the amount of time it took to fit exercise into an already packed day (or the added weight that results from being more sedentary). I would agonize over my schedule, trying to figure out how to make it ‘work’ – everything, not just exercise but I never could really figure it out. I even resisted adapting Minute Movement for myself because I enjoy and wanted a ‘proper’ workout schedule even though Minute Movement was obviously working for Aaron and science backed it up! The thing is, I really DO love hitting the gym and lifting weights with loud music blaring in the background or going for a ‘run’ (I just wish I did more actual running on my runs) but it wasn’t happening. I was too busy and my lack of exercise was contributing to increased weight and stress – which was then (of course) making those ‘proper workouts’ even more of a challenge.

During the past year though, Aaron and I have been working together constantly to bring Minute Movement to you. During that time I’ve had ‘Coach Wright’ around to offer constant encouragement and a great example – and I’m becoming a disciple. Sometimes I do things a little differently than the program suggests and some days I still head to the gym, go for a ‘run’, or do yoga but I am officially a Minute Mover.

I’m feeling better, my energy is higher and today I’m wearing jeans that haven’t fit for two years. Minute Movement is giving me MY life back – even in the middle of the absolute stress of launching a business.

I’m finding myself relaxing that perfectionism in other areas of my life too and I’m finally learning how to relax and enjoy life.