I like the idea of keeping myself and my family as free from chemicals and additives as possible and we’re working toward that goal one step at a time. Unfortunately when Spring rolls around we are all (at varying levels) pretty much a mess! I don’t care for the reaction that I have to over the counter allergy medicines so I was excited to come across this article entitled Allergy Season: Natural Ways to Treat Allergies.

It comes as an ever lessening surprise that the recommendations include the trifecta (Eat Right, Exercise*, and Get Enough Sleep), nor did it surprise me that many of the other recommendations involve careful cleaning of yourself and your home (take THAT pollen). I was, however surprised that peppermint tea and probiotics make the list.  Check out the short article to see the rest of the list.

I plan to try a few of these today – right after I vacuum for the 47th time this week!


*Okay, so the article doesn’t specifically say ‘exercise’ but it DOES recommend reducing stress and one of the best ways to do that is exercise. Plus I like the word ‘trifecta’. 🙂

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