Maximize Your Minutes

Make your minutes matter

Today’s Movements


Pick a exercise for today based on how you feel now.

Peaceful Posture


Use a posture pose if your energy is low and you have any discomfort with other levels of exercise. You should be able to hold all posture poses for the entire minute before moving on.

Focused Movement

Focused Movements are isotonic movement exercises – focused on range of motion – flexibility and space to move pain free.


Energized moves are more focused on strength building – they have a more intensive level of difficulty

On the Go

On the go moves are typically isometric postures that can be done anywhere, even in cognito if need be.

Coaching Corner

Area of focus

Add a glass of water 30 minutes before each meal. This will help with volume control and you won’t eat as much and you won’t be hungry.

Random Info

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