How was the Minute Movement developed?

Many of you may be wondering how I developed the Minute Movement. Well, I came up with the basic idea several years ago but did not put it into action until recently. I am a full-time home mortgage lender with a busy schedule revolving around work and family. And like many people, I had difficulty finding the time to exercise. Until one day, feeling fed up and frustrated, the motivating factor appeared. I was asked to be best man in my brother’s wedding. Suddenly, I knew I had to spring into action if  I wanted to look good for the wedding. I planned out a few simple routines and the next morning got started at my office.

This routine of one-minute intensive exercises exceeded my expectations. By the second week, I was amazed by how good I felt. After three weeks, my wife noticed that I looked fit and had more energy. So, I shared my secret with her and the Minute Movement was born.

What exactly is the Minute Movement?

The Minute Movement is a unique blend of one-minute Isometric and Isotonic exercises, which produce maximum results from minimal effort. It’s a patent pending health, wellness and strength system designed for busy people who know they should be exercising, but simply do not have the time. 
It keeps you energized throughout the day. It helps you manage your time more effectively. The program is designed for men and woman of any age or fitness level. This is the quickest and most efficient way to maintain your health and strength because it can be accomplished effectively anytime and anywhere.