Good intentions are useless

Good intentions are useless until they are expressed in appropriate action.

“Good intentions may be an appropriate starting point for achievement, but they will go nowhere unless you follow through with action. Many people confuse intentions with achievement; after all, it is the idea that is most important, they reason. In reality, the most mediocre idea acted upon is far more valuable than a flash of genius that resides only in your mind. Developing the habit of action may be difficult at first, but the more you practice it, the easier it becomes.”

This quote comes from one of my favorite authors, Napoleon Hill. His insights are timeless and motivate me everyday.

You must take action with your ideas, your bodies, and your intentions.  Don’t just intend for 2012 to be the year you design your life the way you want it to be.  Make a plan and then take action.  If your desire is real and not  just a feel good thought then you will find the motivation, time, and behaviors to make your dreams a reality.

What are your intentions for this year? Do you have a plan?  Will you need help?  What actions do you need to take and when are you going to take those actions?

If you are brave enough, comment with your number one goal for 2012 and I will help keep you accountable to take action and achieve.

Aaron Wright