I love this quote, something about it really draws me – well actually it would be more accurate to say that it sets me free.

I grew up in a very negative home – with very little praise and a lot of criticism. I learned to keep my dreams to myself long before I learned how to drive a car and after being in that kind of environment for long enough I internalized the negativity and made it my own.

I stopped believing in myself, I stopped having dreams. I even stopped trying to make friends.

I created a safe little cell for myself – and I hung out there for years, closed up tight.

Then I met Aaron Wright and, oh my gosh, that man is ANYTHING but tight! I think Aaron may be the most easy going and OUTGOING person I have ever met in my entire life. Being with him inspired me to open up, to blossom – he led by example.


So what does this have to do with exercising? Well for me, one of the things I kept in my safe little cell was food; and of course, there’s not a lot of exercise happening in a teeny tiny cell – right? I have gained quite a bit of weight (and lost … and gained … multiplied by whatever – which has created an bit of a metabolic issue for me).

If I choose to remain in the bud of inactivity and poor nutrition what do I have to look forward to? Well, diabetes and heart disease run in my family, as does depression – all of which can be helped or prevented by getting a little more exercise. I can get used to wearing the less attractive clothing that is available to me; and resign myself to sitting in a chair for longer and longer periods as my health continues to deteriorate; eventually not being able to take care of my home, myself, or my family properly.


But what if I choose to BLOSSOM?

Do you have a garden? Have you ever watched a flower blossom? Flowers bloom over a period of time – it doesn’t happen all at once. they open a little bit each day.

What if I gave myself permission to make small changes, each day that brought me closer and closer to the goals that I have for my life? Changes that made me stronger with time instead of jumping into some program that would make me feel inferior and like I wanted to quit.

What if I started walking a little each day? Then a little more? And a little more?

What if I started getting up from my desk every so often instead of allowing myself to remain ‘in the zone’ for many hours at a time? Then, what if, during those breaks I started doing a little stretching or a few sit-ups.

I’ll tell you what. Improvement happens when you start doing some little things each day to get stronger in an area. Confidence happens.

Blossoming happens.

And it’s wonderful.