I have a Google alert set up to send articles about fitness every day and have noticed an interesting  (but maybe not surprising) pattern. The majority of the articles I’ve received in the past few days were about how few people keep the fitness resolutions they make at the beginning of the year and ways to combat that problem.

Several gyms are offering intense 21-day programs to help their clients develop the habit of using their gym membership, others offer a fitness challenge, and still others offer free classes for a few weeks. All of these can certainly help a person who wants to get in shape, the question is, ‘How sustainable are they?’. Unfortunately, far too often the answer is, ‘Not very’.

Those intense programs can have you seeing results, if you’re following an equally intense nutrition regime. And challenges can be fun. But with anything extremely intense, time consuming, and restrictive  you’ll eventually encounter burn-out. If you find that hour-long exercise sessions at your local gym are leaving you too sore and pressed for time, it’s likely that you’ll just stop going.  A lot of people do.

Now I’m not suggesting that a gym membership is a bad thing, in fact it’s wonderful to get a good, hard workout that leaves you feeling spent and exhilarated at the same time. But if you’re finding it difficult to get to the gym every day or if you’re finding that you sit in a chair all day (which can actually negate that gym time) you should really give Minute Movement a try.

Minute Movement is not a short term ‘quick fix’ that will leave you burned out and lacking confidence in yourself because you gave up. Minute Movement is a simple, systematic, and sustainable (long term) solution that will help you meet your fitness goals so that this time next year you can find something else to make a New Years Resolution about.